nest egg
05th February 2014 I Latest News
Very busy creating new work for an exhibition in Galway this summer. The show will be at NUI Galway and my stuff will be augmented by the installations by The School of Mathematics at the university. Watch this space for more on this.

10th December 2013 I Coming up
My latest work is now finished and as this year nears its end, I am preparing work for the next. Images of my latest work can be seen in the 'Projects'. I'm looking forward to the upcoming work and will be experimenting with new media and some interesting subject matter. I will reveal all later. (If it works!!). The exhibition front is looking promising. Plans are being made for a collaboration with the School of Mathematics at the National University of Ireland Galway and myself to put a show on in the summer. I'm looking forward to working with them. Watch this space!!

10th July 2013 I You Tube
You can now see movie clips of the making of the Ventry Egg at My thanks to Brenda Ní Shúilleabháin, film maker and writer for providing me with this clip.

12th November 2012 I Wilderness
I have been too long in the World Wide Wilderness neglecting this website. I will make amends. The 'Un-Natural Selection' work was completed and shown at Siamsa Tire in February, 2010. I had the privilige of having American photographer, Rachel Sussman, accept my invitation to join me in the show with her series of photographs of,'The Oldest Living Things in the World'. After the show the photographs moved on to Oxford where Rachel was giving a talk about this work in the well known TED series of lectures. (The lecture can be seen in the TED archives). Next came a collaboration with television producer, Brenda O'Sullivan, graphic designer Jindra Stanek, writer, bookbinder, and curator, Sandra Landers, and composer Rachel Holstead based on a series of television programmes that are being made about the 'Men of Ventry'. My part was a sculpture, more of which can be seen in the projects section of this site. For the last year I have been working on a project of my own called 'Art as life/LIFE as art'. I have built a caravan/mobile home that incorporates both functionality and art. Again more on this in the projects section. Now I am embarking on a new 'conventional' sculpture that I am excited about. More on this later.

12th December 2009 I Another year over. (Nearly)
The Unnatural Selection project is just about complete and plans are being made to exhibit. More on this soon. I've been invited to take part in new project involving a number of artists of different disciplines. It will be a two year project involving people from my immediate area. I will work independently but take inspiration from other people involved. I can't say too much at this stage, but the idea appeals to me and the time frame suits me. Looking forward to the New year which kicks of with a trip to Venice with friends to take in some art (and a rugby match!)

18th August 2009 I God??
My latest project has made it onto Chet Raymos 'Science Musings' blog and it ain't finished yet! Check out and

13th July 2009 I Mid-Summer
'An Unnatural Selection' is going to (my!) schedule. You can see an image of 'The Story so Far' in the projects section. I have been invited to design the 'Gregory Peck' award for the 2009 Dingle Film Festival. I will be collaborating with one of Irelands best known jewellers, Brian de Stac, whose company will be doing the silver work that I plan to use in the work. Heading for the UK tomorrow where I will take in a couple of exhibitions I want to see in Leeds and the Banksy, 'Please Love Me', exhibition in Covent Garden. What a title!?!

21st June 2009 I Update
The 'i to i' exhibition called 'An Object Lesson' (see went well and over 30 artists exhibited. Some good work turned up. Some amusing, some thought provoking. To recover, I went on my annual 'retreat' to Lough Corrib in search of peace, mayfly, and brown trout and found all three. Now I'm hard into 'The Mobius Band' piece. It's coming together nicely and I hope to have the project pretty much ready by the end of the summer.

11th March 2009 I An Unnatural Selection
The drawings for the Mobius band are just about finished and I'm just about ready to start the sculpture. I'm will make it the second piece in the 'Unnatural Selection' as an example of the the evolution of abstract thought. The first sculpture, 'The Fish Tree' is all crated up and ready to move to a temporary home until all is ready to exhibit.

29th December 2008 I i to i project for 2009
Next years 'i to i' project is to be based on art made from 'found objects' provided by the public. Lots of the details have yet to be sorted out out but we have been awarded some generous funding from Ealaín na Gaeltachta which is much appreciated. More to come on this as the project takes shape.

29th December 2008 I Work shown
'Shape of the Universe Relative to the First Observer', was displayed in the beautiful St. Georges Market Hall in Belfast before Christmas. 'Goblet and Jug', was shown in Dingle at an exhibition to celebrate 'International Mens Day'. The work was shown with the kind permission of its owner, Mrs Olive Browne.

18th November 2008 I Mobius bands
I have had my nose glued to my computer screen and will have for weeks to come doing research for a new body of work based on the Mobius Band. My interest in this subject was aroused while discussing some drawings I am preparing for a new book by Dominique Leib about knots and I found the shape fascinating. My plan at the moment is to design and make a sculpture and a collection of prints to form an exhibition. I'm toying with the idea of approaching schools to get senior art and mathematics students involved. It could be fruitful for both them and myself.

11th March 2008 I 'Relative to the Observer'
The three sculptures from 'Relative to the Observer' have gone to their permament resting place in the 'Pobalscoil Chorca Dhuibhne'. They are hung from wires in the lobby. This entailed me being hoisted 14 metres in the air on a mechanical lift hired in for the purpose to fix anchor points onto the steel beams. All very exciting. I'll stick pics on the projects page as soon as they are to hand.

30th November -0001 I